Elektronic Grading

Elektronic Grading

Ein Teil unserer Arbeit ist das Grading, die Qualitätsprüfung, von gebrauchten Elektronik Artikeln aus IT und Telekommunikation Branche. Gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern entwickeln wir maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für Unternehmen jeder Größe, vom Einzelunternehmer bis hin zu den führenden Anbietern der Branche. Ob Sie Einzelaufgaben, komplexe Teilabläufe oder das gesamte Grading an einen kompetenten Dienstleister delegieren wollen – mit uns haben Sie den richtigen Ansprechpartner gefunden.

Professionelles Grading ist ein Zusammenspiel komplexer Abläufe. Durch die Verzahnung von effizienten Prozessen mit smarten IT-Lösungen können wir einen hohen Qualitätsstandard gewährleisten. Während der first level quality assurance – der classification - wird jeder Artikel einer sorgfältigen Vorsortierung unterzogen. So stellen wir sicher, dass jede Produktkategorie durch geschulte Mitarbeiter bearbeitet wird.

Das Herzstück vom Grading ist die second level quality assurance – ist die Qualitätsprüfung. Jeder Artikel wird einzeln und mit größter Sorgfalt anhand eines klar definierten und individualisierbaren Bewertungsmaßstabes überprüft.

Arbitrage Recycling´s mobile phones grading system is one of the best. Each cell phone goes through strict mandatory testing protocol set up by our specialists. All of our mobile phones come fully unlocked, powered up and data deleted. Before we can sell you a used mobile phone, it is being thoroughly examined by our qualified staff.

We need to be sure that our stocks will meet your expectations. Therefore, we have prepared a system of testing and grading all mobile phones that enter our warehouse, so that you can be confident that the product will have an accurate description. All cellular phones are checked in order to meet the following criteria:

The phone has to turn ON and OFF without any problems. The overall condition of the display is examined; we check if the display is clean, colours are ok and if there are any bad pixels.

• Microphone testing
• Internal / External speaker’s testing
• The vibration of the phone must be OK
• Camera testing
• We test-call on each and every of our mobile phones
• we also check the battery condition and charging speed

Grade A
These mobile phones are just like new, they have minimal, if any signs of usage and are fully functional. They often come with a foil on the screen. The difference between an A grade mobile phone and a brand new phone is usually the lack of a box, manual and original accessories.

• Like new
• No chips, scratches, or cracks on the front glass and back cover
• No housing can have minor scuffs
• Home button can have light scuffs
• Home and power buttons function properly
• Functional device and consumer data must be cleared
• External Liquid Contact Indicator(s) not tripped or missing

Grade B
This grade is given for used-mobile phones that carry signs of regular use. There is a possibility of the phone having numerous minor scratches on the screen. Phones with this grade have complete housing with all elements present. This is a fully functional mobile phone and after housing replacement; looks just like a new one.

• Light wear and tear no dents
• 3 or less light scratches allowed on front glass
• 2 or less chips allowed on edges of glass
• Home and power buttons function properly
• Unlimited scratches/scuffs on back cover and housing
• Unlimited scratches allowed on home button
• Functional device and consumer data must be cleared
• External Liquid Contact Indicator(s) not tripped or missing

Grade C
This grade is given to mobile phones with signs of heavy use. Housing faults, which do not influence the cell phone`s operation, are possible. Such faults may include: the lack of the charge dock cover or the lack of the rubber on side buttons. Please keep in mind that mobile phones have the battery cover and are functional.
• Normal wear and tear
• Unlimited scratches on the front glass
• 3-6 chips on edges of the front glass but no cracks
• Unlimited scuffs, scratches and chips/dents on the back cover and phone housing
• Etching and customized housing permitted
• Functional device and consumer data must be cleared
• External Liquid Contact Indicator(s) can be tripped or missing

Grade D
This grade is for phones with heavier signs of usage. Some of the functions may show intermittent problems but still allow for basic phone communication.
• Heavy wear and tear
• Chips on front glass is allowed but NO bleeding LCD damage/Cracks
• Chips, cracks, and shattered back cover is allowed
• Home and power buttons do not always function properly
• Unlimited scuffs, scratches, and chips/dents on back cover and housing
• Button issues and missing parts permitted
• Functional device and consumer data must be cleared
• External Liquid Contact Indicator(s) can be tripped or missing

This grade is for mobile phones which require a lot more work to make them operational. Many functions may not work however the device might be cannibalized for parts or ultimately be recycled away from landfills.
• Scrap or Safety Hazard
• Device does not power up
• Consumer data cannot be cleared
• Internal Battery damaged – Safety Hazard
• Bent board/device
• External Liquid Contact Indicator(s) can be tripped

The Process in Pictures
• Below, see a detailed illustration of the 3 stages of the mobile phone transformation process in our plants.

1 – Technical inspection

2 – Deletion of data

3 – Battery test

4 – Anti-bacterial cleaning

5 – Placed in stock

6 – Packaged

7 – Packed for shipment

8 – Waste recycled